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What is a smartmeter?

A smart meter is essentially a traditional electricity meter with a digital measurement device and the ability to communicate readings via the Internet. This means the electricity provider can track your energy usage instantly and bill you without having to send out meter readers. It also means you can easily track your own electricity usage in real-time.
If you currently have a smart meter, you have the power to boost your energy efficiency and lower your electricity bill. Besides the power meter itself, you'll also need some software to monitor the data produced by the electric meter. Luckily, there are lots of free utilities out there for this, such as Google's PowerMeter and Microsoft's Hohm.

Once you have your software set up, you'll be able to:
See when you use the most electricity – You'll be able to see your usage on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so you can see not only how your usage changes month to month, but how it changes during a given day.
Predict your monthly costs – Instead of getting a nasty surprise at the end of the month, you'll have a very good idea how much your electricity bill will be before it shows up.
Cut your usage and lower your bill – When you can see exactly how much energy you are using, you can get instant feedback on any changes you make. Increasing efficiency and cutting waste becomes a satisfying game.

Other Benefits of Smart Meters

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With a smartmeter, the advanced technology allows the power company to read your meter without sending a person out to your property. This has an added benefit of reducing the number of utilitiy vehicles on the road which then reduces traffic, fuel (gasoline) use, and pollution.

Service orders for starting and stopping service get processed faster. And, if you have an issue, meter re-reads are much quicker

Since electricity use is recorded in 15 minute intervals, you'll have more information about your usage which could help you reduce your electricity usage by changing how and when you use it. For instance, you may find that you can schedule using high-consumption appliances during off-peak times where eleictricity is less expensive.

It's easier to take advantage of competitive rates since it is easier to switch Electric Providers. The time it takes to switch is shorter.

Faster customer service is available because of the ability to read meters remotely, as well as connect and disconnect remotely.

In the future your smartmeter will give you more details of your electricity usage and the corresponding price.

Your service status is known instantly by the utility so that power outages will be fixed faseter.


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