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Terms and Conditions

Expert Home Energy is an independent sales organization for retail electric providers (REPs). The terms and conditions of service posted here constitute an agreement between this company and the visitor or customer using this site and / or identified by the customer account information related to the customer's purchase of products or service through us.


Company provides information through its websites and over the phone to consumers about electricity providers with the purpose of connecting consumers to the right provider for them. Information provided on the Company's website could include pricing comparisons, news articles, regulatory information, electric company ratings, and other information. Expert Home Energy is not an electricity provider.

Customer Service

We offer sales and customer service by telephone during regular business hours. Once service is activated, customer service issues should be directed to the retail electric provider.

Available Providers

This site provides information for a select group of reliable providers but does not claim to provide service information for all providers. There may be providers that can provide Customer with service that are not included in this site.

Provider's Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Company doesn't cover the terms and conditions of the retail electric providers that are represented here. Customer should become familiar with the terms and conditions of the service provider that they choose.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as needed.

Customer's Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions

The customer hereby signifies its acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Service upon submitting an order for service. Submitting an order for service is defined, for the purposes of these terms, as providing information to us or our providers for the purpose of getting service from a provider represented by us.